J&J Advertising Americana LogoMy interest in antiques is the esoteric category of ephemera and related collectibles of the 19th century; that is, those items that were given away to promote a business or product but were not meant to be saved – essentially junk mail. Those items include trade cards, advertising post cards and broadsides, and illustrated billheads and letterheads.


There were also those items that were not given away free – they either cost you postage and a fee, or you had to buy something to get the item. These include everything from mugs, cups, rulers & tape measures (celluloid and wood), match holders (lithographed metal and paper), and even cigar boxes, seed boxes, candy and cough drop containers, medicine boxes and bottles, and advertising celluloid mirrors and pins.

As you can see, this covers a vast amount of different collecting categories, and I have been acquiring and researching these items for over 25 years!


On the pages of the Web site you will find many items separated into several categories.


The price for each item is fixed, but does not include shipping; and for those items that are more costly, if also includes insurance. We have been in this business for many years, and our experience includes mail-bid auctions and estate appraisals, so you can be sure, we will package everything very safely and securely!


Joseph S. DeVivo,

Principal Owner

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